Fight Your Parking Tickets With This App!

Have you ever decided to contest a parking ticket and actually followed through with it? No? Not many people have but it just got easier with this new app!

Your Ticket“Fixed” is a new app designed to make contesting parking tickets a whole lot easier than it is at the moment. With the app you just take a picture of the ticket and input the violation code. Once you have put your information in to the app it will then return a percentage to let you know what percentage of these types of tickets are overturned as well as a list of excuses. If you still want to contest your ticket after this you can contend it via the app by providing a little more information including a digital signature.

How does the Fixed app work? Well, it relies upon a team of lawyers who fill in the actual paperwork for you when you contest your ticket. In order to do this for you, the Fixed team will require a fee of 25% of what you would have paid had you paid the ticket IF YOU WIN.

The Fixed app will launch in San Francisco next week and will be available to iPhone users. There is no word yet on the availability of an Android based version of the app.

Is the app worth it? Well, you could contest your ticket free of charge if you do it yourself, but the fact of the matter is that most people don’t have the time or the patience to fill in the paperwork themselves.

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