Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Stratos Jacket Back In Stock

If you’re a bit of a space nerd, then like us you were probably stuck to the TV watching Felix Baumgartner in his jump from space last October. Right after the jump there was a surge of interest in the Red Bull Stratos “swag” on the Red Bull site. In no time all the really cool gear was gone…unless you wear a men’s size small.

Red Bull Stratos Mission Jacket

The good news is though that Red Bull recently restocked their shelves and once again the elusive Red Bull Stratos Mission Jacket is available. Okay, so it’s available in select sizes but it’s more available than it was.

Currently the jacket is available in Men’s sizes small, medium and XXL and is priced at € 149.95 which at today’s exchange rates is around $193. Shipping on this elusive Stratos jacket is a little pricey since it’s shipping from Europe via DHL. Shipping comes to € 30.00 or $39. Since shipping over € 150 is free overseas however, adding a  € 2.95 “Wings For Life” wristband to your cart will get you free shipping and save you  € 27.05.

If the history of this jacket is anything to go by it’s not going to last long so if this Stratos jacket is on your wishlist pick it up while you can. The last time this one sold out it was before Christmas of last year and it took this long to restock.

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  1. I am interested in buying a statos mission jacket when will they have larges again . Are the sizes euro or usa?

  2. Darren, sizes are Euro sizes meaning that they tend to run a little smaller that US sizes. I bought the long sleeve t-shirt in a size large for a man who usually wears medium and it fit well.

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