Feel the wind in your hair with the D-Box GP-100 Racing Chair

d-box gp-100 race chair

It’s a feeling that many consider to be exclusive to driving a brand new luxury convertible. That feeling is no longer exclusive because you can get it in your gaming room if you are willing to shell out $15,000. Your small fortune will buy you the D-Box GP-100 racing chair. This chair will revolutionize the way that you play racing games. Why? Because you feel even the little bumps in the road. You feel them through the motors that push and pull you in three axis: up down, left right, and forward backward. This means that you will definately know when you are making that hard left when it should have been a leisurely drift around that long turn. You will also know when that jackass of an AI driver slams into your rear bumper because you just might get whiplash. Games are becoming more and more like real life, and while these kinds of accessories aren’t cheap, they are beginning to revolutionize the way that we play games. Even little things like Guitar Hero and DDR make games more involved; you don’t have to sit in your favorite comfy chair anymore. — Nik Gomez

CES 2007 – The $15,000 Race Chair  [John Chow dot Com, via TechEBlog]

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