Facebook More Important than Toilets, According to Survey

Apparently, having access to Facebook is more important to people than having a toilet.

Oh, did we mention that this study was done in London?

London’s Science Museum conducted a survey of 3,000 adults, asking them to rank things that “they couldn’t live without”.

Facebook ranked fifth (under other topics like “the sun” and “having clean water” and “having internet”).

Here’s how the first five results looked:

  1. The Sun
  2. Having Internet
  3. Having Clean Drinking Water
  4. Having a�Refrigerator
  5. Having access to Facebook

Having a toilet ranked 9th.

Other notable things that were ranked by responders were Painkillers (#15), Google (#22), Having a hair straightener (#24 – seriously?) and Spell Check (#41).

Apparently third world countries would be bearable if they had water, a fridge, and facebook. No toilet needed.


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