Enhanced nudity: adhesive prostheses

I’ve been considering getting myself a pair of Vibram Five-Fingers, but I’ve worried about sticking out like, well, a sore toe. But I should have known that the toe-conforming sport footwear were but the advance guard of a new trend�call it “enhanced nudity” or maybe “nudity 2.0″�and would soon seem old-fashioned. The product to define the new cutting edge of enhanced nudity hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s visible in Footstickers, which Dutch designer Frieke Sievers created as a graduation project for a Nike-sponsored product design program. Sievers envisions her fictional footwear in three styles for yoga, dance, and�my favorite�”combat cardio” (shown above). The latter suggests a whole line of consumer-grade adhesive prostheses with which to pad and weaponize our bodies for martial arts and other sports, taking the place of the sagittal crests, browridges, ischial callosities, and other carnage-inducing protuberances denied us by evolution�ideally in a subtle range of flesh-toned camouflage patterns.

[via NextNature]

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