ECWID: The Vanguard E-Commerce Platform in the World


Chances are that a many of those who prefer to spend the better part of their day surfing on the net or working online haven’t heard of Ecwid yet. But then there are innumerable Fortune 500 companies that countless people throughout the world haven’t heard of. Does the ignorance of these persons make these corporations or conglomerations any less notable? For answers, you’ll only have to go back in time and retrospect on how or where Google or Microsoft started from and where these behemoths are placed today.

Profiling Ecwid

The internet has been around for close to three decades and yet there are many who still are at their wits’ end in exploiting the online medium for accomplishing their business or commercial goals. Promoting a product or service through the world of websites is still incomprehensible for a great majority of individuals. And that is where Ecwid steps in. Ecwid is all set to blaze a trail in the world of e-commerce with its unique web-oriented cloud-computing platform. Ecwid’s state-of-the-art web-based medium takes the tedium and bother out of canvassing your business on the net making it look like child’s play.

Now you can sell your ware or advertize your service on multiple channels and sites, thanks to Ecwid’s virtual platform. Using Ecwid’s advanced tools and techniques you can establish and administer several online stores just about anywhere on the net-on automated social media sites, on your portal, and on smartphones. And you can start selling whatever you wish to right away from your brand new outlets.

More than 900, 000 merchants and traders based in 175 nations around the world have witnessed an unprecedented surge in their businesses by taking advantage of the benefits offered by subscribing to Ecwid’s services.  The platform of Ecwid can be seamlessly integrated both on the simplest and most complex of websites as well as on prominent point-of-sale structures thereby providing the merchant an unparalleled trading experience. Simply put, with Ecwid, you get a wide leeway in popularizing your wares in the realm of websites as you’re able to leverage your online presence over an extensive range of medias and digital gadgets starting from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to smartphones, tabs, and PCs.

Not content with just being just a great ecommerce platform, Ecwid has just released their newest brainchild, the Jumpstart Reseller Program. Jumpstart allows Ecwid partners to sell the powerful platform under their own branding and logo. For less than a $1 a day, web designers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can offer their “own” ecommerce solution to potential clients, setting themselves apart from the competition.

Jumpstart allows partners to manage all of their clients under one roof, making management a breeze. In addition, they can set their own pricing and billing, essentially eliminating having to go through Ecwid, meaning quicker turnaround times and results for their clients.  Ecwid doesn’t want to leave their partners without resources, however, and will maintain comprehensive partner support.

Tracing the Growth and Development of Ecwid

Ecwid is the brainchild of Ruslan Fazlyev who’s credited with laying the foundations for X-Cart in 2000-an e-commerce portal that was launched using the PHP web development tool. Incidentally, X-Cart was the first PHP e-commerce storefront in the world. Though X-Cart went on to become a success story, Ruslan observed that numerous individuals and smalltime commercial establishments with an online presence were completely at sea when it came to marketing on the net. Ecwid was essentially conceptualized in 2009 to fulfill the online promotional needs of small and medium enterprises. Ecwid operates out of two offices, one located in Encinitas, California and the other in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Presently, Ecwid is the world’s foremost e-commerce storefront for SMEs where online traders can showcase just about anything they’ve in their inventory.

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