14 Easy And Stylish DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Do-it-yourself or, as we prefer to say, DIY, with the original English term, is increasingly practiced by many people these days. Many of us want to renovate our homes, and for that we visit furniture stores, copy an image and improvise as architects, designers, interior decorators, artisans. Often the result is anything but disappointing. But here are 14 easy and stylish DIY home decorating ideas that would work for you and make the best DIY for your home.

Pipes, strips, and metal sheets leave the hardware store to turn into artistic creations. But what can ever be done with a copper tube or sheet? Just look at the photos and get inspired. For more DIY home d├ęcor ideas Visit MyDecorative.com

  1. Copper Lamp Concrete

Reliable, robust, inexpensive, and easy to work with. It is the ideal material for building DIY objects: concrete. Why not copy the idea and try making some pots for the plants yourself? Or you can build yourself a lovely table that’s proof against children, animals, and exuberant friends. Or, again, create all the candlesticks and ornaments you want

  1. Handwrite On The Walls

Writings printed on the tables, on the cushions, on the curtains. We have certainly seen it before. Here, however, it is about writing by hand everywhere, including the walls. Lately, many have abandoned the notebook and writing paper for the PC keyboard, but the desire to write by hand has remained, and it is by no means an abandoned art, on the contrary. 

  1. Create With Wires And Ropes

You want a work of art for your wall; you already know it will cost a lot. Instead of ordering a large print or painting, think of a sculpture that you can hang. Laces, ropes, wool, or cotton threads joined by fittings, support for curtains, nails, and branches are an inexpensive resource to make your creations with infinite possibilities.

  1. Bright Baskets

An easy solution to shade a light bulb when, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use a regular store-bought chandelier, or even just because you want something different that you can’t find anywhere: create a light basket. You can buy a basket that you like and make your very own chandelier in just one day.

  1. Watercolors And Pastel Colors

An idea that you can resume in a few months, to calmly prepare for the great heat that will return even if now, with Christmas around the corner, it seems to be so far away. Plan an afternoon to spend giving light brush strokes on walls, knick-knacks, cutlery. When the heat and the heat make you gasp again, pastel colors will come to your aid and make you feel fresher.

  1. Marbling

Marble is also experiencing a moment of popularity. In recent years there has been a notable increase in kitchens, bathrooms, and even furniture in Carrara marble. The world of furniture and that of beauty, as in nail polishes, is going crazy for marble.

In DIY, here’s how to achieve a similar effect without resorting to expensive material. This is marbling, a painting method that can cover anything, giving the luxurious appearance of marble to objects in your home.

  1. Spiral Containers

We have the impression that making spiral containers is like eating French fries or getting a tattoo: once you’ve tried them, you don’t stop at just one. They are useful and adorable. We can use them to store everything, especially those small items that we must always have at hand, but create disorder and confusion if left around. With this method, you will have several containers, and you can experiment with variations in technique in an infinite number of color combinations.

  1. Wood-Engraving

Carving wood is one of those activities you would expect to find in the official 1967 Boy Scout manual! Therefore, it is a little surprising to see people who still use this fun technique to create beautiful projects for the home.

  1. Crosses And Addition Signs

More, more, and more the sign of addition, repeated and in a row, across, many crosses clear symbols to perform, with which motifs and designs can be composed in quantity. In Scandinavian folk art, we often find them; they are said to be a symbol of hope.

  1.  A Wall Of Empty Frames

Do you think a wall full of paintings is trivial? Try hanging only the open shelves. In color agreement or in contrast with the wall, all the same in shape and color or all different: the choice is yours. The effect is surprising, artistic, almost “sculptural.” And if you get tired of seeing them empty, filling them is child’s play.

  1. Decorations With Washi Tape

Hurray for Washi tape. This “adhesive tape” of Japanese origin is specially made to decorate walls and objects in the house and does not contain glues that are harmful to the plaster. There are a thousand colors, patterns, and heights, with the advantage of being able to try, detach and try again indefinitely until the decoration of your home looks awesome!

  1. Drawings With Electrical Cables

Electric cables are a problem in many homes. Using them as a “thread” to create writings and pictures on the wall is an easy and smart solution to get them off our feet finally and create something beautiful and decorative. How to do? Very easy: create the desired shape by “stopping” the wire with nails or pins.

  1. Decorate With Polaroids

Traditional photos must be strictly framed, but snapshots can be used with more excellent freshness and flexibility. Such as? By merely attaching them to the wall. You can follow specific shapes (the heart is trendy) or attack them randomly, one above the other or spaced apart. The effect, on large surfaces, is awe-inspiring.

  1. Use Fruit Crates

Fruit crates are one of the do-it-yourself classics and are ideal for filling an empty wall to which you do not know what function to assign. You can stack them on the ground or if you want to hang them with simple screws and plugs.

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