“E-mail” is Dead. Long Live “Email.”

The beauty of the English language is that it is constantly evolving. As more words become commonplace in the lexicon, those “in charge” (for a lack of better terms) of caring for it have to know when to change with the times and when to step in and say “stop this.” In this instance, the Associated Press is changing with the times.

“E-mail,” whch had been the proper and official spelling of the service since its inception, is finally out. In its place is the much more commonplace “email.” The announcement was made over Twitter:

Language evolves. Today we change AP style from e-mail to email, no hyphen. Our editors will announce it at [American Copy Editors Society 2011] today.

“Today” was March 18th.

I don’t know about you all, but I have been switching back and forth between the two for some time. Usually I would say “email” in general conversation, and “e-mail” in professional correspondence. I imagine that the majority of you use “email.” Well, rejoice — you’re finally right.

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