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Geeky Merit Badge Won’t Make You an Eagle Scout

Us hardcore geeks need our own equivalent of the Boy Scouts, justbecausethere is no way we’re spending any more than half-an-hour outdoors without any of our techy needs. We’re better suited for the Swiss Peace Knife than the Swiss Army Knife. How long could you go without your iPhone… or WoW? Seriously, God forbid I go a day without WoW. ...

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Palin’s Hacker Is Indicted

Having a father who’s the chairman of Tennessee’s House Government Operations Committee won’t help you much when you’ve wronged a vice presidential candidate. David Kernell of Knoxville, Tennessee pleaded not guilty in a federal court on Wednesday. Accused of intentionally accessing Palin’s e-mail account without authorization, he was later indicted for it and now faces up to 5 years of ...

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Run, Hacker, Run!

It didn’t take long before the person responsible for hacking into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account was traced. Thanks to the wonders of IP addresses, the one responsible for the intrusion was traced back to an ISP of a Knoxville, Tennessee student housing complex that is now under federal investigation. Acting upon a search warrant early Sunday morning, the FBI showed ...

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Fake Obama Spam Attack

Apparently, people may have actually listened to Vince and sent out fake Vice Presidential pick announcements in advance of Barack Obama‘s VP selection. Obama generated a lot of buzz for the decision by telling the press that he’d announce his choice via text messages and email blasts to his supporters. Joe Biden was named as the Vice presidential candidate this ...

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Steve Jobs Comes Clean, Admits MobileMe Launch Sucked

Ars Technica has gotten a hold of an internal e-mail sent out to Apple employees yesterday. It’s from Steve Jobs and guess what? He’s not very happy about MobileMe. Not at all. In fact, Jobs thinks that MobileMe should have been rolled out piece-by-piece or delayed somewhat. He says the launch was “not up to Apple’s standards.” “It was a ...

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Borg Cube Let’s You Know You’ve Got Mail

Resisting your e-mail is futile. When Jamie Matthews gets an e-mail, he just has to be notified. Receiving a glowing cube from Linden Labs at a job fair, Matthews just couldn’t resist turning it into something a little more worthwhile. A simple python script runs on his computer, periodically screen-scraping his Gmail inbox looking for new mail. It then outputs ...

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