Dubai Tower Is World’s First Building In Motion

A revolutionary skyscraper by Italian architect Dr. David Fisher is planned for Dubai. The unnamed tower will be 80-stories high with revolving floors that alter the shape and form of the building. With the aid of an immobile cement core, spinning floors rotate around the core while staying connected to it. This will give guests of the building a constantly changing view of the city and surroundings. Wind turbines are installed between every floor, which generates enough electricity to power the entire building, making it self-sufficient.

That’s not all. A building is also planned for Moscow in 2010. The Moscow tower, though only in its design phase, will contain 70 floors and be 1,310 feet tall. With all these shape-shifting towers, you’d think they would’ve thrown the U.S. a bone and built one here, considering we’ve lossed two of our best buildings. No worries, we still have the greatest rotating tower of all: the Seattle Space Needle.

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