Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mopar concept

dodge viper srt-10 mopar concept

At the Detroit Auto Show Dodge was showing off their 600-horsepower Viper right in the center of their booth. However, that wasn’t the best one. Near the back of the booth Dodge had a little secret: the Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mopar concept. It seems that Dodge wanted to 1-up itself and pack more into a car that was already packing a lot. Mopar took the already beefy 8.4-liter V10 and pushed out an additional 75 horsepower. If only there was a way to push out 75 horsepower in all of our cars – the engine wasn’t the only thing that Mopar tricked out. Mopar slapped on an adjustable suspension and blacked-out 19″ lightweight alloy wheels. The paint job also makes the car look a lot fiercer. It is a sick gray all over with an off-set red racing stripe which makes it look really cool. It’s as if Dodge wanted to see us drool even more uncontrollably at an already vicious car. Maybe this edition of the Viper was for those rich guys who thought the regular Viper wasn’t good enough for them.

dodge viper srt-10 mopar concept

Nick Rice

Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mopar concept [Autoblog]

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  1. I like the cars on this website

  2. that is one bad ass car.

  3. This car is so awesome!!!! My brother is always talking about them he really likes this car!!

  4. My dad just got one…:D

  5. damn i love these cars there sick

  6. Nice fuckin viper man

  7. chuck norris couldn’t even touch that car!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  8. no your wrong chuck norris has already tuched that

  9. I want to touch that car…

  10. i would bang my dad for that car then chop of my nuts


  12. nice car

  13. dodge vipers kick ass (i love u dodge viper)

  14. damb that car is nice , corvette dont got shit on the viper


  16. Time to trade in my 06…damn. just got used to it!

  17. I’ll pay $1000aus to any1 who brings me that car. If u wanna kno where 2 send it go 2: [email protected]

    Man I’d LOVE 2 have that car parked up my driveway!!!

  18. that car is fucking bangin you ain never gonna get that fucking car retard so get over yourself dumb ass

  19. Dude that totaly sick, tricked out to max 🙂

  20. if you’ll ask me… something is wrong i hate the spoiler… it gives shit view at the back… not to mention the roof… try change those… it is just a suggestion….

  21. The most beautifull car in the whole world,I would litteraly do anything for one of these,I honestly cant imegine anything better then 600 horse at the tip of your finger with the sexiest fuckin car in the world!!!!!!

  22. damn hundai aint got shit on at kar

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