DJGO Keeps The Party Hoppin’ Over Here, And Over There


Whatever happened to the good old days of the traveling DJ. The days when turntabilism was a sought out art form for any rockin’ party. DJ’s are starting to get lazy, that’s what. Tired of lugging the same old equipment back and forth from gig to gig.

The DJGO concept understands that what the modern DJ wants, isn’t to make 20 trips back and forth for all of his gear. Packing in a pair of CD/ MP3 turntables and a mixer, which when not in use can be folded in half and carried around like a purse. It’s pretty much a Pacemaker Portable DJ System for the pro. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I am a pro mobile dj and I would like to know where to get the DJGO system and how much would it cost ? Is there a manufacturer website that I could go to get more info ?

    Please email me asap…

    Ed B.

  2. shannon gonsalves

    I’v been looking all over for the price for this cause i really want to get it but i cant find the price anywhere.
    i was wondering if you could tell me the price and where i could get this.
    please and thank you
    please email me ASAP thanks.

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