DIY: How to fix your defective Guitar Hero controller


So you just realized that your Guitar Hero controller is one of the two models that were recently announced by RedOctane as defective. Never fear, fellow gamer. There is a moderately simple way to fix this problem if your willing to put in a little hand work. This step by step DIY will show you how you can take the defective product into your own hands and make it good as new.

This specific how-to is for the RedOctane Guitar Hero X-Plorer Controller, and is pretty straight forward. A few tweaks and turns is all it takes. Hope this helps all of you with the defect! — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. My problem is that my guitar will no longer turn on, and i put batteries in it, and everything, but the light still doesn’t turn on… can u help me?

  2. My problem is that my guitar will no longer turn on� can u help me?

  3. my wii guitar hero controller’s green button is not working, what do i do????

  4. i got my new controller and it just wont turn on
    ive tryedeverything

  5. I got my controller days ago and i tried and tried to fix it but nothing works. My problem is the down stroke doesn’t work but the up stroke works. If anyone knows how to fix my situation please,please,please e-mail me at [email protected]

  6. My down stroke isnt working… it will only stroke up. It’s really ticking me off. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  7. My Problem is Red button doesnt work i opened it up did’nt know what to do.

  8. My problem is my star power will not work anymore… Someone help me!

  9. My star power button doesn’t work. I even bought another one and it has the same exact problem as the first one

  10. My orange button doesn’t work, when I press it it doesn’t show up on the screen.

  11. Molly, I have the exact same problem, if you find a fix for it, please let me know… 🙂

  12. My problem is that my guitar will no longer turn on, and i put batteries in it,but the light still doesn�t turn on� do you think ive blown some thing in side if so can i fix it ive got a bit of experience in eletronices. can u help me?

  13. please help..,
    the place where you put the batteries has blue stuff on the metal parts..,
    and it wont turn on anymore..,
    it is for ps2..,
    please help me fix it..,
    i think it might be battery leak
    if anyone knows how to fix it,
    please email me to [email protected]

  14. I have a guitar hero world tour guitar and when i strum down once, it goes down two or three times. I’ve tried calibrating lag, but it did’nt help. if you know what’s wrong, please email me at [email protected]

  15. The red light blinks and the green light on the receiver when i turn it on. the green and red light on the receiver stay on constent, but the light on the guitar goes off and will not work.This is the guitar hero1 on ps2. The guitar red light blinks like it is searching,but the green light on the receiver acts like its connected cause the green light stops blinking and stays constent. THANKS Clint

  16. MY New GUitar Hero World Tour Controller automatically moves up everything.. u can never scroll down…Whats The Matter?

  17. my proble is the yellow button doesnt work im getting really ticked i have the Xbox360 guitar hero3 les paul version ! 🙁

  18. my guitar only strums up and never down if u can fix it email me at [email protected]
    its wii guitar hero world tour

  19. My guitar hero world tour controller automatically star powers without me making it do so. What can I do to remove this problem?

  20. I have another problem which is my GH3 controller’s orange and red buttons no longer work when I press them. Can anyone explain this?

  21. my wii guitar’s green fret doesn’t work most of the time!

  22. DUDE ~ if anyone knows how to fix the problem with not being able to strum down PLZ let me know. As Molly posted….its really pissing me off too!

  23. my buttes ar all screwd up when i press red butten it shows as yellow and when i presss green it dosent show and whne i use the strum tingy it wont work but it works perfectly in the menu there all the buttens work like they shude

  24. my problem is that i put batteries in my ps3 guitar controller and pressed the ps button on it it flashes red but doesnt turn on plss help me i really need help thank u

  25. I have a RedOctane Guitar Hero wireless controller. The analog selector knob acts like it is stuck in the down position but the knob doesn’t appear to be stuck. I am unable to move up on the menus. If I let go, it scrolls down at max speed. If I try to move up, it stops. Any ideas? email me [email protected]

  26. For those who are having problems with the strum switches of their guitar hero controllers, i also had that problem with my controller when strumming down, mainly due to overuse. What you can do is to fix the sort of metal lever that hits the switch when you strum down:

    1. take the bridge part (where the buttons are) of the guitar out, there is a an unlock switch at the back, somewhere in the middle of the guitar.

    2. take the faceplate off the main body of the guitar, there is a switch another unlock switch at the back, at the right most end. there are no screws attached to the faceplate, you just need to pry it a bit.

    3. take all the screws out of the main body and you’ll be able to open it.

    4. at the middle is the main circuit board. take the four corner screws out. the 2 in the middle are just for the springs.

    5. you can also remove the cable holders around the circuit to make it easier for you to turn the board.

    6. when you turn the board over you will see the up and down switches with a metal piece on top of each. i guess the metal of the down switch gets a bit reshaped when its worn out. you can use a pair of pliers to make the angle of the lever higher or reshape it better so that the switch under it will get pressed quicker, making the down strum more sensitive. you might also need to fix the up switch’s metal since it also affects how the strum bar will bounce back.

    7. it also helps to invert the strum bar from the inside. in my case, i realized that the plastic of the part of strum bar that hits the metal lever got a bit carved out due to the friction with the lever, and that causes the switch to react later than it should. so i inverted the plastic so that the part that used to hit the up switch is now for the down switch.

    8. you need to test the way the strum bar reacts with the fixed metal switches. sometimes it becomes too sensitive.

    9. put all the pieces back and that should do the trick. 😀

  27. My problem is that whenever I press the blue button the yellow lights up and flickers also, I have taken it apart but it looked fine to me, if anyone knows what my problem is please email me at [email protected]

    The guitar is for Playstation 3 and it is a wired controller. I don’t know what name brand it is but its a Guitar Hero guitar. Please Help

  28. My guitar doesn’t work when it comes to the tapping sections. I press the buttons but nothing happens – they don’t even ‘light up’ on screen. They work in normal mode, just not in tapping. can’t figure it out. Any clues?

  29. I’m having a hard time keeping myself from throwing my brand new RedOctane wireless World Tour Guitar controller at a wall. I just opened the box, and played with the drums, but I cant even get the lights to turn on the guitar when I press the PS button. I’ve changed the batteries and turned off the system and restarted… What now, why won’t it just work?

  30. I bought 2 guitars (normal ones) one has only the green button working and strum, other has no buttons working but the strum…I will never buy Nintendo crap again!

  31. Anyone any idea why my guitar flickers between being controllers 1-4?
    It means that when I play, it only hits the notes when the light flickers onto the right controller its meant to be (when I’ve got the drums, microphone and another guitar all playing too).

    Its really annoying and was brand new!

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