DIY: Dreamcast guitar


Remember the old Dreamcast console that kinda died out as soon as it was released? Well, if you happened to be one of the 30 people who bought one (we are so cruel) than you can make this Dreamcast guitar.

Until now, we were pretty sure that guitars were supposed to have 6 strings. This only seems to have 3. But maybe this is just the beta version? It took about a week to make for the original modder. But it was a girl, so you should be able to pull it off in two days tops. If not, you’re a wussy boy. Awesome idea though. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Dreamcast may have flopped, but we had Shenmue, Power Stone, and a few others that weren’t available on any other system. Sure, it was no PS2, but it had heart.

  2. What are u sayin’ bro, Dreamcast kicks ass! Rember psx 1? Dreamcast was much much MUCH MUCH better~!

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