DIY Car Stereo Faceplate Fools Would-be Thieves

Quality car stereos are always getting stolen so a poster on Instructibles who goes by the name of sfgabe came up with an easy way to fool thieves into thinking that your sound system has already been jacked. Gabe, who says he lives in a “sketchy section [of] Oakland” where his car gets broken into on a “weekly basis” came up with a technique that enables you to place a broken faceplate in front of your stereo to cover up the real thing create the impression that the dashboard has been gutted while still keeping your sweet stereo safe and sound. If you make yourself one of these and get some of those anti-theft faux-rust stickers, criminals will definitely keep far away from your ride, but be forewarned potential dates will probably have the same reaction. If you want a ride that manages to stay secure while still looking impressive allow me to suggest Volkswagen’s seemingly impregnable Ego concept car.

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