D-Link Wireless Pocket Router gives you wireless where it wasn’t

dlink pocket routerWe’ve all been there. You show up at a relative’s house for some holiday (you’d much rather be somewhere else), you bring your laptop in hopes of connecting to AIM, and when you arrive, no wireless. They do have the internet, but you would have to sit at their tiny desk in order to plug the ethernet into your laptop. The D-Link Wireless Pocket Router is here to solve our wireless-less problem. The Pocket Router serves up 802.11g wireless connectivity in a 3.15×2.36×0.67″ size device. This can be used for things other than you personal distraction. For all you parents, give your kids laptops, plug the Pocket Router in, and you now have a way for all the little kids to play Yahoo! Multiplayer Games (so they aren’t bouncing off the walls breaking your dishes). It’s great for hotels, conference rooms, and even hotspots. Hotspots because it is able to connect to existing wireless networks. It seems like a panacea, but what happens when the laptop batteries die… — Nik Gomez

D-Link Wireless Pocket Router [via UberGizmo]

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