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D-Link’s Peachy Green WiFi Routers

First, D-Link put routers in your pocket. Now, they’re thinking about the environment. D-Link is proud to claim it’s the first manufacturer to produce green home network WiFi routers capable of saving up to 40% in power usage. These routers are like a thoughtful roommate who never leaves the TV on or forgets to put the toilet seat down. With ...

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DIY: Arduino XPort Shield Build

If you’ve got soldering skills and you dabble in the Arduino programming language, this add-on will allow Internet access to your Arduino via Ethernet. This will allow you to check your email, your Tumblr and lots of other stuff the government won’t allow me to tell you. DailyDIY provides step-by-step instructions for this simple build for the novice solderer. Remember, ...

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Using Your Ethernet Cables To Protect Your Country

Our United States are still at war. Maybe if we had lesson human soldiers on the front line, there’d be less controversy on the subject. What can you do to protect your country? If you have some extra CAT-5 cable lying around, you can make your very own CAT-5 soldiers. If you have enough wiring, maybe you could even make ...

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D-Link Wireless Pocket Router gives you wireless where it wasn’t

We’ve all been there. You show up at a relative’s house for some holiday (you’d much rather be somewhere else), you bring your laptop in hopes of connecting to AIM, and when you arrive, no wireless. They do have the internet, but you would have to sit at their tiny desk in order to plug the ethernet into your laptop. ...

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