Custom Kirby NES Celebrates His 20th Anniversary


Most laymen know Kirby as “that pink thing that I sometimes see in video games.” That pink thing in question became one of the most enduring and recognizable video game characters from the early ’90s era of gaming.

It’s hard to believe, but Kirby celebrated his 20th anniversary back in 2012. Deviantart user zoki64’s Custom 20th Anniversary Kirby NES is a little late the party. In fact, he’s two years late to the party. But I think I can forgive him for that. It might take some time, but hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to let my heart trust again.

Featuring stars and stripes and lots and lots of pink, this expertly designed NES skin is, despite being an exercise in tardiness, a perfect celebration of all things Kirby.

HEY! ZOKI64! We want this skin for sale NOW. No excuses.


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