Custom Clay Gaming Cuff Links From Etsy

Wearing a tuxedo without these cuff links should be a crime. Artist Laura Swingle hand crafts these highly detailed clay Nintendo cartridges in to a variety of jewelery pieces. Laura’s Etsy shop offers a limitless supply of creativity as she is open to taking requests on turning any two games into these cuff links, so long as she can find the cover art online.

Besides the popular Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, TETRIS, Super Mario Bros 3, Paper Boy, Bubble Bobble, Zelda (gold cartridge), Dr. Mario and Metroid games we all know and love, Laura will also accept requests for Sony PlayStation games. The cuff links range from $19-$22 dollars depending on how much of a pain in the ass your order is to fulfill. So, don’t go too crazy and try to request a Lester the Unlikely pair of cuff links: it’s just not happening.

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