Creating Instagram More Accessible to Those with Visual Impairments

Instagram is continuously improving to make its platform accessible to most of the people in the world. It is coming up with new technologies and improvements in the existing platform to create a seamless platform. Recently, Instagram came up with two major accessibility improvements for the visually impaired people to give them a better experience. Servicios de redes sociales company Instagram has recently launched to new technologies of Automatic alternative text and Custom alternative text which enables the differently abled people to hear the description of the photos and videos.

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It is important to make the platform accessible to the visually impaired as 285 million people across the globe have an impairment.

Automatic Alternative Text

The first feature is the automatic alternative text which uses object recognition technology to develop audio captions which the visually impaired can listen through the screen readers. It is a convenient way to listen to the description of the photos and know your feed, explore or profile. It uses the object recognition technology to make it easy to understand the list of items that photo has when you scroll through the feed.

Customize Alternative Text

These are just a few steps to make the social media platform more accessible to the people of the world. You can easily incorporate a more detailed description of your photo while you are uploading the photo which creates a richer experience for those visually impaired. You can customize the alternative text while uploading. You can go through the advanced settings of the photo and add an alt text which the users can hear when going through a screen reader.

Recently there has been a shift in the way alternative texts have been used. Many brands and influencers have started using alternative text instead of going for automated solutions. It will be available under the images in the profiles, bio or the explore section of the Instagram.

Most of the marketers and influencers have started targeting the differently abled people through this technology. It created the content more engaging and accessible to those with visual impairments.

You need to keep in mind of supporting people with disabilities. They are still away from the social media platforms and servicios de redes sociales. You need to support these people with the change in technology on a daily basis. Instagram has improved considerably and is trying to be friendly to all the sections of society.

If you are adding alternative text for photos, it is not necessary they would require captions for the videos. But there are various ways to add them. You can turn on the feature of ‘Subtitles and Captioning’ under the accessibility settings to create closed captioning for the videos.

It is really crucial to support the differently abled people through these advancements in the technology and social media platforms. It is the right of every human being on earth to be aware of the latest technology and utilize them for their benefits. Instagram has moved a step closer in supporting the differently abled people.

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