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In lieu of the recent plethora of Apple and Mac related rumors, here’s a cool little web rumor mill. We spotted this really funny rumor generator while sifting through the Internet plankton. The Apple Rumor Generator takes a series of Apple derived words, and generates a rumor for the occasion. Here are some of the rumors we’ve created:

A confirmed source has advised us to expect a 8 Core Mac Mini or Flash based iPod in the NAB 2007

An operative deep inside Apple has advised us to expect a 16 Core Mac Pro or Wifi Enabled iPod Shuffle in the NAB 2007

Our Apple informant has given us this exclusive news about a 16 Core Macbook Pro no later than Fourth Quarter 2007

An Anonymous tipster has confirmed earlier reports that we will see a Sub iMac at WWDC 2007

One of our spies has advised us to expect a Redesigned Macbook in the Second Quarter 2007

Mmm…randomness. — Andrew Dobrow

Apple Rumor Generator [Apple Gazette]

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