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Create your own Apple Rumor!

In lieu of the recent plethora of Apple and Mac related rumors, here’s a cool little web rumor mill. We spotted this really funny rumor generator while sifting through the Internet plankton. The Apple Rumor Generator takes a series of Apple derived words, and generates a rumor for the occasion. Here are some of the rumors we’ve created: A confirmed ...

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Next-gen MacBook Pros to have brighter and crisper displays

Rumors are flooding through the Mac grapevine. AppleInsider is reporting that industry insiders are confirming the production of LED backlit MacBook Pros, marking Macs transition away from CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent backlights). As of now, plans for LED integration are only for the 15-inch series. The 13 and 17in series’ are still under consideration, but seem like an inevitable addition ...

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12 Inch Macbook Pros on the way?

With the Macworld Expo 2007 rapidly approaching, Mac rumors are flowing through the pipeline. The word is that sources believed to be very reliable are confirming Apple’s development of a smaller and ultra thin Macbook Pro, even thinner then the current anorexic Macbook’s (17 inch pictured). Pricing is still yet to be confirmed, but the people upstairs are saying that ...

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