Course Hero Unlock: How to Unblur? [Quick Solutions]

Homework is integral to a student’s life. Regarding homework help, Course Hero is one of the most popular platforms that should help you figure out ways to get your homework done without any hassle.

When you scroll through Course Hero and don’t have a subscription, chances are you will stumble across the specific assignments given to you. But, the answers to these assignments are generally blurred.

This article will explore ways to unlock Course Hero so you can unblur the answers to the specific assignments you are looking for.

More about Course Hero

Course Hero

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Before we walk you through the steps to unblur Course Hero and its contents, let us look into what Course Hero is and the benefits you can reap from the platform.

Course Hero is an online homework helper that helps students solve their assignments efficiently. What’s impressive about Course Hero is how comprehensive the answers are. But there is a catch.

If you don’t avail of the paid version of Course Hero, most of the answers you seek are likely blurred, which can be disappointing.

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What are the Pricing and Subscription Plans of Course Hero?

There are ways for you to access Course Hero for free, especially with the free credits. But you can’t deny that, in most cases, you must pay for the platform.

There are three pricing plans for Course Hero:

Monthly plan – $24.95 per month (up to 10 tutor questions)

Quarterly plan – $19.95 per month (up to 20 tutor questions)

Annual plan – $9.95 per month (up to 30 tutor questions)

Furthermore, Course Hero has their Hero Student Scholarship, wherein meritorious students can avail of scholarship benefits of up to $ 5,000 annually. There are additional benefits, too.

How to Unblur Course Hero Content?

If you are looking for effective ways to unblur Course Hero content in 2023, we have all the relevant information sorted out for you.

To make things easier, we have culminated a list with free and paid methods you can explore.

1. Using Inspect Method

Believe it or not, you can use the inspect element in your browser to unblur your Course Hero content. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find the relevant answer that you want to unblur. From there, select the specific part of the text you wish to unblur, click on your mouse, and click on Inspect element option.
  • Press Ctrl + F and type div to find the div tag and hidden elements in the Inspect element section.
  • Click on the div element by right-clicking your mouse and tapping Change Feature.
  • Under the class element, type “none” and tap Enter.

That’s it. The blurred content on Course Hero should be immediately unblurred from there, and you should be able to access the answers.

2. Upload the Document

Upload the Document

This is a tedious process, but you can unblur the answer free of cost when you upload the document with the specific assignment you are looking for.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by creating a free account on Course Hero.
  • Upload relevant coursework whose answer you wish to access.
  • Seek permission after that’s done.
  • You’d then have to wait until you get the relevant answer unblurred.

If you submit 10+ documents, you can access five unlocks, allowing you to open individual assignment answers easily.

3. Earn Free Unlocks

Course Hero has a referral program, wherein if you refer the platform to your friend and they create an account, you can acquire free unlocks.

So, if you have a lot of friends who are students like you and would find benefits with a Course Hero account, you can refer them, and for each successful registration, you get to earn free unlocks. These unlocks can be used to unblur specific assignment answers.

4. Switch to a Premium Subscription

We briefly discussed Course Hero’s pricing and subscription plans if you were interested. If you don’t want the hassle of uploading documents or referring friends, the next best option is to pay for the services you are availing.

The monthly subscription is quite expensive and has limited features. However, if you plan on using Course Hero long-term, we’d 100% recommend relying on the annual subscription, which costs less than $10 per month.

5. Creating a Quiz

It might surprise you, but creating a quiz on Course Hero can help you unblur specific answers. So, if you are an expert in certain subjects and want to help the other users with a pop quiz, create it on Internet Simply and upload it on Course Hero.

When other students use your quiz for their studies, you earn points. These points can then be used to unblur specific answers on Course Hero that are blurred and blocked.

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How do you Unblur Answers on Course Hero on your mobile?

The above tips are more effective on PC. But can you unblur the Course Hero answers on your mobile? The short answer is yes, but only on iPhone.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your iPhone Settings and tap on Battery.
  • Enable the “low battery mode”.
  • Next, click on General.
  • Then, select Background Refresh and enable this option.
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi connection and data, too.
  • Open Safari.
  • Look for app. vip.
  • In the search field, type Course Hero.
  • Tap on Share.
  • Tap on “Add to Home Screen.”

Once you have added Course Hero on your home screen, you can then go ahead and sort out the answers and unblur the content with ease.

What are Different Ways to Earn Course Hero Unlocks?

Getting Access to “Course Hero Unlocks” is another way to sort out ways to unblur the answers with ease. Some of the most effective ways to earn these unlocks include:

Sign up on Course Hero and then upload 10+ documents – Earn five unlocks.

  • Upload 5+ documents – Earn one free unlock.
  • Document receives 5+ thumbs up – Earn one free unlock.
  • Score five questions or papers – Earn one free unlock.
  • Review five documents – Earn one free unlock.

The platform keeps adding more ways to earn free unlocks. We will keep you posted with more tips as the platform releases them.

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Wanting to unblur your Course Hero assignments might be confusing at first. However, to simplify things, we have sorted out some of the best tips you can follow. There are a lot of restrictions with Course Hero, but you need to realize that the platform’s exclusivity is the main reason why that happens.

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