Couple that Shot “Sex While Skydiving” Video Could Face Criminal Charges

Yeah, you read that right. This really happened, though we had to double-check the source for this info to make sure we weren’t getting punked.

Apparently, porn star Alex Torres also has another job — as a skydiving instructor. Early one morning he took his female companion (who happens to be a receptionist at the skydiving school) out flying. The couple proceeded to have sex while in the plane, and then jumped out to “continue the act midair”.

The entire event was documented in an explicit video, which was posted on the age-protected blog of Alex Torres.

Don’t bother looking — Torres removed the video after he learned he might face criminal charges.

The couple didn’t receive any complaints about nudity, and everyone in the video is “of-age”. So, what are the charges? Well, apparently authorities are worried that the pilot could have been “distracted”.

Also, Torres has since been fired as a skydiving instructor. However, the receptionist still has her job (for now).

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