Countertop Dish Dryer give reason for more college student laziness

countertop dish dryer

So you got a Target giftcard for Christmas; do you have any plans for it? If you are a college student and don’t have a dish washer, here’s the answer. This is the countertop dish dryer. So maybe it won’t wash your dishes, that just means that you have to wash with soap, but it definitely will save you precious time that you would normally have wasted on drying those dishes with a cloth.

–  34 liter large capacity dish dryer can store up to 4 large size dishes, 8 medium size dishes, 6 small dishes, and 6 sets of chopsticks
–  Fast hot air circulation promotes fast drying process with one touch
–  Overheat protection installation and auto shut-off if the temperature exceeds 85 °C
–  Resists heat, prevents breakage and distortion

Why does it have a count for the amount of chopsticks that you can stuff in there? Shouldn’t it count forks or spoons? At least the china in the picture is pretty. — Nik Gomez

Countertop Dish Dryer [via OhGizmo!]

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