Cost-Saving Strategies for Infrequent Drivers – Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Vehicle

Owing a car comes with its fair share of convenience, but how do you make the most out of the vehicle when you don’t drive it around much in the first place?

Whether you only use your car occasionally or live in an area with excellent public transportation, finding ways to cut costs associated with vehicle ownership is essential.

To help you streamline that entire process, we have solidified some of the best ways by which you can save money and maximize the value of your vehicle investment.

1. Choosing the Right Insurance Coverage

If you are looking for car insurance for a car you don’t drive that often, several options are worth exploring. Choosing the right insurance coverage is the first step towards saving money on the car you rarely take out of the garage.

Picking usage-based insurance is your best bet because you pay for what you drive. What this does is help you save money that would otherwise go to waste since you rarely drive your car. If you drive infrequently and maintain safe driving practices, you can enjoy lower insurance rates than traditional fixed-rate plans.

2. Don’t Skimp Out on the Maintenance

Even if you don’t drive your car often, you must prioritize regular maintenance. When the internal parts in the car aren’t in motion, the chances of damage are often heightened. Prioritizing regular maintenance also ensures that you won’t have to bear costly repairs down the road.

When your car is sitting idle, chances of battery drainage, tire deterioration, and even fluid degradation are at their peak.

3. Optimize your Insurance Coverage

Things in our lives are never static. So, let’s assume that you initially bought car insurance based on infrequent driving. To make the most of your car insurance, you must review your insurance coverage aligned to your driving habits.

For example, when you are an infrequent driver, you’d need to adjust your car insurance to provide comprehensive coverage for when it’s parked in the garage. When you adjust the car insurance premiums down the line, it contributes to substantial savings.

4. Consider Car Sharing Programs

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an option worth exploring. If you rarely use your vehicle, car-sharing programs are a great way to make the most use of the vehicle and earn a steady income.

Since you have full ownership of the car, you have complete control over choosing when you want to rent it out to someone and when you don’t. The flexibility of these programs makes it a perfect option for infrequent drivers to consider.

5. Drive Efficiently

Irrespective of how much you drive your car, efficient driving is indispensable. When driving, avoid aggressive driving or driving under the influence. Also, you want to adopt fuel-efficient driving habits that will help maximize your miles per gallon.

Also, prioritize driving within a safe speed limit and not stretching things beyond requirements. This is where things further go downhill.


Owing a vehicle you don’t drive often doesn’t have to be complicated. It also doesn’t have to be a financial burden on you. The key is optimizing vehicle expenses by choosing the correct car insurance and developing healthy driving habits.

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