Corner Communication Warning Sign Saves You From Unsightly Collisions

If you’re neurotic like me and always have to peek around a corner to make sure someone else isn’t�barreling�their way in your direction, then a system like the Corner’s Communication Warning Sign is a welcome addition to city streets. Designed by Sanghoon Lee, the Warning System uses sound sensors to determine when someone is approaching the corner and manages the corner’s traffic using a system similar to street lights. Red means stop. No light means it’s safe to continue around the corner without smacking right into a fellow pedestrian and their ridiculously enormous umbrella.

Slamming into someone rushing around a corner might not be the worst of things you have to face in your lifetime, but it sure as hell wouldn’t hurt to have less close encounters with perfect strangers who happen to be wearing�trench coats… and nothing else. *shudder* I still have nightmares.

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