Should you Continue using Facebook even after Knowing that your Details are not Safe?


We’re sure you know what Facebook is. Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. In fact, you would be surprised to know that there are more people on the social app than there actually should be. By that, I mean that there are fake profile pages too. The logo of Facebook is blue and white. Also, you may feel like you know Mark Zuckerberg closely who is the co-founder of Facebook closely if you’ve watched the movie on his life’s ups and downs. But, recently he made headlines.

Lately, news was that Facebook is not safe. Read ahead to find out how. First of all, please know that your information is not safe. By this, I am referring to your basic personal details. You wonder how? Well, each time you try to open a game or another page on the app and allow authorisation, you are actually allowing them to gain access to your data. Sounds crazy but it’s true. This means that a third party can use it. Or, misuse it. Moreover, you may not realise that each time you update the app, your privacy settings may actually be affected without you realising it.

Other than the above, did you know that Facebook advertisements may contain malware. This means that you won’t even realise and your app or phone may start hanging. Lastly, fake profiles are a big problem. Yes, you read that right! Anyone can use your pictures or data to make a fake profile of yours. In fact, you won’t even get to know about it. Lastly, behave of the advertisements you see because all the other sites that you visit are tracked and accordingly ads are shown to psychologically have an influence on you.

On the contrary, there are several benefits of Facebook as well. Facebook helps you to connect with your long lost or distant friends. Rather, I’d say that you get a chance to re-connect with them. Nowadays, every top and small company has a Facebook page. This page helps you to gain more information about their products and services and groups help you to voice your opinions and grievances. Facebook is also essential in starting social media campaigns and spreading awareness about mass gatherings. Other than these, several other advantages of Facebook also include sending messages to multiple people, advertising your start-up and letting people know about your location. Lastly, it also helps you to make plans for the upcoming birthday of a friend! Phew, too many advantages.

Now, you know both sides of the tale. Just like every coin, Facebook too has its pros and cons. Now, it’s up to you to decide if you would still like to continue using the application. The key in such a situation is to not cut off completely but beware of how you use the app, where you use the social app and what details you put onto social media. You cannot blame the site later because you were not forced to make an account. You did it willingly and only you are responsible for your actions.

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