Colored Pencil Wall Display Made of 500 Pencils


Social Designer created this Colored Pencil Wall Display, using 500 colored pencils and mounted plastic casings to create not only a work of gradient-inspired wall art, but a totally convenient way to grab your pencils.

Not only does it look really neat, but it’s sure to save some space as all your coloring implements are in one place. It’s going to be a blast sharpening all of these.


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  1. wow that is awesome.

  2. I totally want one of those…
    I’m so serious I want something to have my pencils on my wall that looks like that so I don’t have to have them organized in plastic clear bags.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic. I have it as my background on my computer.

  4. Beautiful, yes
    Practical, not certain
    It appears that if you sharpen them a few times you would not be able to reach them with the covering on.

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