Color Switch: Challenges

Every now and then, a new game revolutionizes the market. It could be a new concept, groundbreaking graphics, or extreme addictiveness that causes the revolution. This review isn’t about a conceptual or visual masterpiece. However, the game of the day is as addictive as they come. It’s time for Color Switch: Challenges so don’t wait and play it on!

The brand-new, browser version of this game is a spin-off of the mega-famous Color Switch. While its predecessor revealed multiple modes, this adventure has but one: Challenges. These levels are essentially tidbits of the original Color Switch’s Endless mode. Instead of playing one round for as long as possible, we get to conquer a small assortment of obstacles for many miniature victories.

The “challenges” concept changes the entire flow of the game. Where the previous Color Switch may have felt repetitive at times, this edition does not. The action within is shorter and easily digestible. Instead of a wild arcade game, we now have a series of entertaining puzzles.

What It’s Like
Obstacles in each challenge vary far and wide, quite literally. In the first level, you must cross two hollow circles. The shapes rotate at a moderate speed, with four colors spinning synchronously. Your mission: safely bounce up to and through the finish marker. The action of moving is extremely simple—all you do is click or tap. But, the spinning colors can present major difficulties. In Color Switch, you’re only allowed to touch objects that match your ball. If your teal ball touches a pink line, you lose.

Easy levels can be beaten in a few seconds. Hard levels might take more than a minute to complete. Either way, Color Switch: Challenges doesn’t require a major time commitment. It’s a marvelous casual game, and you can choose to play for a minute or an hour at a time. It all depends on how addicted you become.

Tips to Bounce
Color Switch: Challenges requires a unique mix of bravery and patience. Successful players are daring enough to take risks. At the same time, they’re able to wait for the right opportunities to fly high and score. The more you play, the more you’ll learn when to make moves and when to hesitate. Every level presents different challenges, from the types of obstacles to the pace required to win.

One of the best parts about Color Switch is its inherent randomness. Each challenge has its own set of shapes. Every time you play a particular level, the general shapes, speed, and spacing will remain the same. But, all of the colors will vary, including your own. Instead of trying to memorize an entire path to victory, you should develop a strategy for moving through each individual obstacle. You won’t complete a whole level the same way twice, but you can conquer each shape roughly the same way.

Color Switch: Challenges is free on Poki. There are currently dozens of levels available, which is enough to keep any player entertained for a good, long while. Bounce onward!

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