Color-Changing Hard Hats Promote Safer Safety Protocols

When it comes to color changing technology t-shirts may have been a thing of the 90’s but a new safety helmet is making use of similar technology to improve construction site safety.


Hard Hat Safety

Few of us actually pay attention to the fact that man made materials like plastic will actually degrade over time when exposed to UV rays. This means that even safety products (such as hard hats) will degrade over time as they receive increased sun exposure. 3M has developed a new way to tackle this problem, developing a line of hats that have sensors built in to them that respond to UV exposure.

The sensors that 3M has built in to these hats are designed to notify wearers when their hat is becoming brittle as a result of UV ray exposure. The sensor on the hats change from red to white and once the sensor has turned white it’s an indicator that it’s time for the wearer to purchase a new hat. How much can wearers expect to pay for these safety conscious helmets? Just $14!

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