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Guy Creates 1:1 Scale Model of the Starship Enterprise in Minecraft

Minecraft, where sex lives go to die. Unless your name is Hal Nicholas, also known as halkun, in which case you’ll have trekkies of all shapes, sizes and sexes bowing down at your feet in admiration and perhaps just a hint of unadulterated monkey lust. Halkun has done the impossible. He has created the framework for what will eventually be ...

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LEGO Circular Saw For the Geeky Construction Worker

Anybody who has followed Gearfuse long enough knows that there are really no limits to the artistry that can go into LEGO work. In fact, there are people who even make a career out of it. But Dave and John Xandegar simply wanted to create a power tool capable of fulfilling the geeky carpenter. The LEGO Circular Saw is probably ...

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Construction Utensils

No illegal immigrants here, folks. Just good old, solid machinery attached to utensils. Yup. We’ve got ourselves some trucks and bulldozers with a classic yellow and black paint job. The set includes a fork lift fork, bulldozer pusher and front loader spoon. It’ll keep your kids happy and might even be fun for you. At $18, it’s priced similar to ...

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A REALLY Heavy Duty iPod Dock, AM/FM Radio, Power Station Hybrid

Construction workers like music too! Especially the sweet sound of a buxom booty making its way past the construction site. Oh, yeah! But enough of that. The point is, that just because you wear a blue collar, doesn’t mean you don’t rock out to a little ABBA every now and again. The ultra-rugged AM/FM Construction Radio is protected with hard ...

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