City puts LEDs in street lights

led street lights

A special city in the US has replaced some of its street lights with LED lights. What city might this be you ask? Well it happens to be Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the famous University of Michigan Wolverines. Why are they so famous? Well, they just got demolished by USC (go Trojans!) in the Rose Bowl on January 1st in Pasadena. Sorry, that was my little rant on putting down Michigan because I am a USC fan. Anyways, Ann Arbor has actually done a lot of good with the LED lights. They are hoping to cut back on their energy bill in half by switching to these lights. They already began switching the lights downtown, and were putting feedback on the poles; there have only been 3 negative comments since the beginning of the year. Supposedly these lights are a hit, getting inquiries from Canada and even Europe; how they found out about them is beyond us. Hopefully the switching of LED lights will save the city of Ann Arbor precious money and man power so they can direct those resources to mourning the loss of their precious Wolverines. After all, they only publicized this switching so people will look at their city with dignity again, at least that�s why I looked at this. — Nick Rice

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