Choosing the Best Slots Game from the Hundreds on Offer

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Of all the gaming sectors, there can be none that can rival slots in terms of both popularity and the sheer volume of games. The online casino sector has become a multi billion dollar global industry and some predict that it will generate as much as $73 billion per year by 2023. While it encompasses a range of game types, slots lie at its heart and constitute the vast majority of games.

Visit any one of the scores of online casino sites out there and you will see that each one has literally hundreds of slots games to choose from. These range from traditional fruit machine type games like Starburst Slot to highly immersive virtual reality slots games such as A Night With Cleo. The gameplay and appearance might be worlds apart, but fundamentally, all slots games work to the same basic rules. So how does a new player go about choosing which one to play?

It’s all about the RNGs

However flashy the effects or cool the bonus games, the spin of the reels is dictated by a random number generator. Understanding how this works won’t help you win, but it will prevent you from being led down any blind alleys or from misguided notions that you can somehow beat the system. The purpose of an RNG is to ensure that the machine is fair and that the symbols that come up genuinely do so at random.

Look for special promotions

If you are playing for gain rather than for fun, prepare to be disappointed, as every machine is designed to pay out a little less than goes in. Typically the payout is about 97 percent. There’s nothing underhand about this, it is basic economics, and if it was any different, the operator would rapidly go out of business. However, many sites offer bonuses and free spins, and these present a genuine way to get something for nothing. Look out for games that have these kinds of promotions, but always read the small print to understand the wagering requirements.

Check out the bonus games

Those who play for fun instead of financial gain are guaranteed to have a better time. They will not be disappointed, and the occasional big win is just an added bonus on top of the overall experience. For gamers in this category, the bonus rounds or “games within games” can be a deciding factor. In recent years, these have become more sophisticated than the simple pick ‘ems where you choose to open a box or pick a card. Rocky, Jurassic Park and Monty Python and the Holy Grail are three games that spring immediately to mind when it comes to innovative bonus rounds. 

Go with your gut

Perhaps the most important tip of all, however, is to take time to try out different games and find your own favorite. In a physical arcade or casino, there’s nothing quite like walking among the machines and trying them at random. The same applies in an online setting, and you will almost certainly surprise yourself with the ones that turn out to be personal favorites.

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