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Bingo games free to play are present in any reputable online bingo site. Namely, you can play any bingo game for free, as long as the online bingo site has a bonus that allows free play. This free play can come in two forms: with bonuses that require no deposit and with bonuses that require deposits but give away free tickets or access to free bingo rooms. Regardless of which form of free play you choose, you can win real money prizes.

Types of Free Bingo Games to Play

There are several variants of bingo games you can play for free if the bingo site you’ve chosen offers free bingo bonuses. To start with, you have the 30-ball bingo games. These are less common across bingo sites, but the favorite ones amongst bingo players. This is due to the simplicity and the speed of the gameplay. As the name suggests, it uses 30 balls so it is logical that the game outcome comes fast. The game cards have 9 numbers across a 3×3 square grid.

The next in line is the bingo game variant popular amongst American bingo players, the 75-ball. This is the bingo game that is most widely played and has different versions in different bingo sites. The aim is to mark off a completed line diagonally, horizontally or vertically on the 5-column and 5-row bingo card.

The 80-ball bingo game was designed specifically for online play, where the cards have a 4×4 grid, totaling in 16 numbers that need to be crossed. It is similar to the 75-ball, where the winner needs to mark off a certain pattern that is required by the bingo card.

The bingo game that is played the most around the globe, the 90-ball game has the most versions than any other. It is more complicated than the rest because it entails three rounds. It has 3 rows and 9 columns and contains 15 numbers. First, you need to mark the horizontal line, then the second line and the final round decides the winner. The winner needs to have marked off all of the numbers on the card.

And finally, you can come across the 5-Line bingo or more widely known as Swedish Bingo. It is played on a 5×5 grid and offers five winning ways. You can win a single line, marking off 5 numbers in a full line, a double line, marking off 10 numbers in 2 full lines, a three line, marking off 15 numbers on three full lines, a four line, marking off 20 numbers on four full lines and a full house, marking off all of the five lines. This bingo game is most popular amongst novice players.

How to Get Free Bingo Games to Play Every Day?

As free to play bingo games are usually offered in promotions that give away bingo bonuses to new players, many would ask themselves ‘Will I be able to get to play free bingo games in the long term?’ and that question is justified. But don’t worry, free bingo games are available more often than you’d think. can help you find the online bingo sites that offer bingo games with free play which you can try. In fact, many online bingo sites have recurring, constant bonuses and promotions that allow free play. In addition, the most loyal players get the benefit of becoming VIP members and free play is almost guaranteed to them. So, the longer you play, the more free play games you get!

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