How to Choose CBD Pet Care Products

CBD is everywhere these days! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about this non-intoxicating cannabis compound. But did you know it also has tons of potential benefits for our furry friends?

From reducing anxiety and pain to fighting cancer and seizures, CBD is gaining major traction in the pet care world. The market is exploding with infused treats, tinctures, capsules, and, more specifically, for our four-legged buddies.

CBD vs THC – It’s All About the Type of Cannabis

First things first – you have to understand the difference between CBD and THC. They both come from the cannabis plant but have very different effects.

CBD comes from hemp – a variety of cannabis that is naturally higher in CBD content and extremely low in THC (less than 0.3%). Hemp-derived CBD won’t make your pet high or impair them in any way. It’s 100% non-psychoactive.

THC comes from marijuana – another variety of cannabis far higher in THC levels. It’s the stuff that causes intoxication or impairment. Not safe for pets!

When choosing a pet CBD product, always ensure it specifically states “hemp-derived” on the label and contains ZERO THC. This distinction is super important.

Benefits of Pet CBD Products

Current studies and countless pet parent testimonials showcase promising benefits of CBD for our fur babies:

  • Reduces anxiety and fear
  • Relieves chronic pain and arthritis
  • Lessens the severity and frequency of seizures
  • Stimulates appetite and fights nausea
  • Promotes heart health
  • Inhibits cancerous tumor growth
  • Treats inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Wards off age-related issues

The most evidence exists around CBD’s anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relief), and anticonvulsant effects so far. But new discoveries continue!

Of course, outcomes vary based on the animal, dosage, and condition treated. However, many owners report life-changing improvements in quality of life from incorporating CBD. Super heartwarming!

How to Administer CBD

CBD comes in treats, specialty food blends, capsules/tablets, tinctures (oils), sprays, balms and more. Reputable stores like provide an enormous variety!

Most pet products simplify doses down to the animal’s weight – usually mg of CBD per pound. Common ranges are 0.1mg – 3mg, but some conditions call for higher amounts.

No matter what form you choose, proper administration ensures your fur baby reaps full benefits:

Treats: Great incentive for training! Make sure CBD is mixed evenly throughout, not just sprayed on one area. Also, check calorie levels if weight is a concern.

Capsules/Tablets: Mix with food or follow with a treat to ensure they swallow properly.

Tinctures: Drop directly in the mouth or food dish depending on flavor. Monitor to confirm full dosage is ingested, not spit out! Apply to paw for lick-and-lap up option too.

Sprays: Spritz in the mouth while holding the head upright to ease swallowing. Again, watch to guarantee the full dose is taken.

Balms: Rub on the nose, paws, or ears for localized relief. Doesn’t need to be swallowed, which is a perk.

Always follow label guidelines for dosage since concentrations vary between products. And, of course, discuss it with your veterinarian, especially if your pet takes other meds.

What to Look for in Quality Products

Since the pet CBD market isn’t well regulated yet, safety and transparency around ingredients are #1 priorities when picking supplements:

👉 Ensure Organic Hemp Sources

Hemp easily absorbs toxins from pesticides, metals, and pollutants in soil. Choosing organically grown plants ensures no hazardous residues make it into final products.

👉 Extract Method – CO2 Is Best!

The extraction process significantly impacts safety. CO2 removal uses temperature/pressure control for the highest purity and potency with zero contaminants or solvents.

👉 Confirm Third-Party Testing

Reputable companies submit every batch of products for independent lab testing to validate that cannabinoid levels and purity meet quality standards. Verify certificates of analysis (COAs) are up to date and available.

👉 Research Brand Reputation

What do other pet owners say about the company? How transparent are they about sourcing and manufacturing? Do they employ veterinarians to oversee formulations? Dig into legitimacy.

👉 List Ingredients Clearly

Aside from the CBD, know ALL ingredients. Make sure none are toxic for animals. Steer clear of artificial flavors, sugars, and fillers.

It’s admittedly more effort to research brands thoroughly and often pricier. But your pet’s health and safety is the top priority. Due diligence now prevents issues down the road.

Putting It All Together

As you can see, not all pet CBD products are the same. Do your homework selecting high-quality brands you feel good about.

If you’re ever unsure about administering CBD to your own pet, consult your veterinarian first about whether it’s appropriate. Then, work closely with them to dial in the most effective formulas, doses, and complementary treatments.

Here’s to many happy years together ahead with our furry best friends! Wishing you both health and wellness on your CBD journey!

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