Chinese Man Has Been Drinking Gasoline for 42 Years

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink gasoline. The hydrocarbons contained in gasoline are extremely toxic, and death has been reported from drinking as little as 13 mL. However, don’t tell that to Chen Jejun, who has been drinking gasoline on a regular basis for the last 42 years.

Why? Because, he thinks it helps ease pain. After experiencing severe chest pain in 1969, and having no relief with “real” medicine, Chen started drinking fuel, and never looked back Experts estimate that he’s drank around 1.5 tons of fuel over the past 42 years. Yikes.

Obviously, doctors have been skeptical about Chen’s health, but a health screening showed that he wasn’t showing any signs of gasoline poisoning or toxicity. They’re estimating that he must have developed some sort of immunity to the toxic hydrocarbons, because otherwise the 71 year old man should theoretically be dead.

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  1. I’m calling BS on this one.

  2. He is highly flammable, though.

  3. dont light his farts

  4. damn taking shots of gasoline with no chaser lol mans a champ

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