CBD Tinctures: All you need to know 

We all know that CBD or Marijuana is now widely used as medicine for different illnesses such as muscle pains, ADHD, anxiety, asthma, and many more. 

As it becomes more popular due to its many benefits, some countries all over the world are talking about legalizing it so it can help their fellow countrymen who are suffering from the above-mentioned diseases. Plus, it is non-addictive so doctors can prescribe it according to how much volume of CBD a certain person needs.   

Since CBD was approved in other countries to be used for medical purposes, CBD can be found in different products to help them maintain and improve their health condition. Even some skin or beauty products have this substance. That’s how cannabidiol has gone so far.  

However, what we don’t know about CBD is that they are now processed and turned into a liquified substance so patients can take it easily instead of doing it the old way which is harmful to the body if not taken correctly.  This is what they called CBD Tinctures. A lot of online head shops such as Grasscity offer tinctures with different strengths for numerous purposes, and when used correctly the benefits are imminent. 

Want to know what CBD tincture is and how they work? Keep reading this article. 

What Are CBD Tinctures 

CBD tincture is a liquified form of CBD. To make this, they need to extract the CBD from the plant using 2 different methods. One is using ethanol. It is the most used method. The other one is CO2 extraction, they are both safe methods for making CBD tinctures. 

After the extraction, it will be mixed up with vegetable oil or seed oil to make it become liquid. it is more effective for patients than taking CBD the old way and it can be easier for consumers to take. 

How They Work 

CBD Tinctures are placed in a bottle. Using a dropper, you will put a drop of CBD under your tongue and wait for the result.  

CBD tinctures act fast in our body compared to having it in a capsule because it takes time to digest. While in tinctures, it will directly mix up with our blood which will give you fast relief.  

Sometimes they are added to meals or drinks so they can boost the nutrients of your meal.  

The Different Types 

There are three different types of CBD extraction which are full-spectrum CBD extract, broadspectrum CBD, or CBD isolate.  

Full-Spectrum CBD extract 

A process in which the whole plant was extracted. It contains every substance of the plant which they believe is more effective than the others. But take note of its THC content. It should be below 0.3% of THC to avoid dizziness.  

Broad-Spectrum CBD 

Almost the same with Full-Spectrum CBD extract. The difference is that it does not contain THC. So if you don’t want THC, this one is for you.  

CBD Isolate 

An extract from cannabidiol only. This doesn’t have extracts from other parts of the plant. This is pure CBD that needs much filtration to do.  

The Dosage 

The recommended amount of CBD tinctures for first-time users is 1 drop or 1 mL of CBD under your tongue per day.  Exceeding this dose may not be good for the body. 

Another thing to consider is its packaging, the certain amount of CBD to be used is always stated in the packaging.  

If you have a serious disease and you are not sure about the right dose, it’s always best to ask a doctor or an expert to make sure that what you are taking is right.  

The Benefits 

CBD has a lot of health benefits. It is factual that it gives us a positive response in our bodies. 

Here are some examples of its benefits: 

  • Relieves soreness and cramps 
  • Reduces chronic pains 
  • Increases stamina 
  • Helps fight anxiety and depression 
  • Reduce psychotic symptoms 

These health benefits of CBD tinctures are the reason why many people are using them. Why is it in demand and why is it recommended.  


CBD tincture is the easiest way of taking cannabidiol. It has a lot of benefits that a person can get. But upon using this medicine, you should be aware of using them properly. It’s always best to follow the packaging instructions to avoid negative effects. And if something goes wrong, always go to the doctor.  

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