CAVEman Virtual Human brings anatomy to 4D


If you have ever considered studying human anatomy, let’s be honest, the one thing that probably differed you the most from following through was the long hours staring at boring textbooks filled with 20-letter words. You can blame it on money, but come on. The CAVEman Virtual Human from the University of Calgary brings anatomy into a 4D perspective.

CAVEman is a high-resolution model of a functioning human body, compiled from assorted 3D images and textbooks, which can simulate all of the functions of the body from a broad scale, or micro-viewed of a certain area, all in the safety of virtual reality. “CAVEman resides in the CAVE, a cube-shaped virtual reality room, also known as the “research Holodeck”, in which the 4D human model floats in space, projected from three walls and the floor below.” Sure beats a textbook. — Andrew Dobrow

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