Emerging Tech

The Amazing Advantages of Multi Room Audio Video Systems

Multi room audio video is a reasonably new term that describes some of the technology people use in their homes. Essentially, it means that it provides audio and video systems throughout the entire home. In the past, people would have singular systems all working independently of each other. Thanks to products such as Systemline multi room audio however, people can ...

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How to Patent and Protect an Original Product Idea

Having a patent for an idea or product is essential for start-up organizations and entrepreneurs before even considering starting production. Without a patent, someone else could produce a substantially similar product that essentially shuts down production before it can even begin. Just as importantly, individuals and companies must ensure that they have followed proper procedures for patenting to avoid legal ...

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How the Retail Experience is Improving Thanks to Technology

Our online retail experience has come on leaps and bounds in more recent years mostly thanks to technological advances. The development of the mobile market and the increase in smartphone and tablet ownership has led to an exponential growth of eCommerce and many retailers now offer their customers an opportunity to browse and shop online on their branded websites or ...

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4 Ways Robotics Are Changing Health Care

Robotics aren’t a new phenomenon in healthcare; after all, the FDA approved the DaVinci surgical robot 15 years ago. But the field has made huge advances over the past decade, and robotics are now tackling major challenges in healthcare. Robotics are now used for testing and diagnostics, prosthetics development, physical therapy, and health monitoring. Here’s a look at four ways ...

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Will it Ever Be Possible for Airports to Be Green?

green airport

As big a bother that airports admittedly are, they are becoming more and more necessities. We certainly wouldn’t choose to be without them, but we certainly want less noise and less an intrusion into our communities and nature itself. The Aviation Green Movement If airports don’t become more environmentally friendly in the coming years, it won’t be from a lack ...

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