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abacus smart watch

With people these days flipping out if they canít know their favorite teamís score or the latest stock reports, the Abacus Smart Watch takes care of them by providing up to date information and never leaving their side. Whatís different about this watch from all the other watches on the market is that it has internet connectivity and can receive information that is so important to know instantly. The MSN direct service that comes standard with the watch allows you to choose exactly what you want to receive on your watch. For all you travelers out there, listen up: this watch automatically changes time when you travel to different time zones, saving you the 30 seconds of changing it yourself. For $179 you get one year of MSN Direct service included and a choice between 4 different watch bands. Itís almost pointless to get a watch like this just because everyone has a cell phone now, and most have features which allow you to keep up to date on those precious football games or stock trends; it would be a really cool idea if only everyone and their mom didnít have a cell phone. — Nick Rice

Abacus Smart Watch [via Uber-Review]

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