Buddha Machine soothes soul and remains light on your wallet

buddha machine

With as many huge storage units for media that are on the market, they’re are relatively few dirt cheap alternatives for people who just want a little peace of mind. The Buddha Machine is a “sound box” from China which comes with 9 prerecorded loops and much applause from fellow meditation fans. With both a headphone jack and a built in speaker, the choice is yours as to who hears what. The loops were written by FM3, a duo of Christiaan Virant and Chinese musician Zhang Jian, based out of Beijing. So sure, you can’t upload your own tunes, but if your needs are limited to this niche, you can’t do much better then getting this $25 gadget. And anything that musician Brain Eno bought so many of (eight according to the product page) is good enough for us. — Andrew Dobrow

Buddha Machine  [via Uncrate]

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