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A toy we can relate to, the 40-Year-Old Virgin Talking Doll

We’d have to do some research, but we’re pretty confident that middle-aged virgins are among the highest niche demographic of viewers we receive from our daily traffic. We’re not positive, just a hunch. Most action heroes have nothing, but braun and super powerful chop motion. Andy from The 40-Year-Old Virgin just has his never before used penis. The release of ...

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Make music with a Sardine Can Instrument

Sardines aren’t only for train squatting drifters anymore. Made entirely out of a sardine can, “The classic” is a homemade pocket piano. The classic is available for sale over at Etsy for $120 with only 1 in stock. That’s right, this thing is EXCLUSIVE to the max. If you’ve been looking for a homemade instrument or are just a really ...

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Buddha Machine soothes soul and remains light on your wallet

With as many huge storage units for media that are on the market, they’re are relatively few dirt cheap alternatives for people who just want a little peace of mind. The Buddha Machine is a “sound box” from China which comes with 9 prerecorded loops and much applause from fellow meditation fans. With both a headphone jack and a built ...

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