Buddha Bag, the bean bag for the obese and giant college student


Bean bags can be found in college dorm rooms around the world and yet the darn things are usually not even that comfortable. Ever try getting out of one of those things? The Buddha Bag on the other hand, looks like something that would make your body melt into the cushioning. The Buddha Bag basically looks like an oversized bean bag. With the growing girth of the international community, we might see a lot more oversized items.

The Buddha Bag contains memory foam rather than those noisy and uncomfortable beads so every Buddha becomes a custom fit for all awkward body shapes. Choose from an outer fabric of denim, faux fur, faux animals, corduroy, microsuede, or whatever special edition they are offering at the time. If you want the Buddha comfort, but don’t want something so blatantly huge, size ranges are available from 2 feet to 8 feet. And if it gets dirty? Just unzip the cover and throw it in the wash. This could be another college dorm sensation. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [Buddha Bag, via StyleHive]

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  1. Nice product , that has been around for years but buddah bag have definatley marketed it well

    ps its not memory foam inside (ie viscoelastic temprature sensitive foam) its standard combustion modified heat resilient foam crumb made from scrap foam,

  2. Lauren And Richard!

    Dear god this is brill! i was really thinking of not having a couch and just a buddah bag!! love ittt

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