Breakup Text, An App For The Heartless

Here’s the thing…have you ever been dating someone and decided that you just couldn’t hack it anymore? Well so have a lot of people, and apparently that “lot of people” are also too disgusted with their current partner to make the effort to break up with them in person…that led to the development of the Breakup Text App.


Breakup Text

The Breakup Text app is an app that costs $0.99 from the iStore and takes breaking up with your significant other in to it’s own hands. Sure, the app asks a few questions in order to formulate your “customized” break up text but it’s all fairly generic anyway. Sure, we know it’s all for fun and sometimes…like when it creates texts like the following…

Hi, PollyPot, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, huh? I know it’s a cliche but there’s truth in it. You never know who is coming up around the bend. See, after the last time we met up, I ran into my college professor. She was my favorite, just the smartest woman you’ve ever heard talk about the history of the French revolution. Anyways, it turns out she recently divorced, her husband left her for a library sciences professor. Long story short, we’re in love. I know it seems sudden but life is sudden like that, you know? Anyways, best of luck finding your fish.

…it’s funny. We don’t advise using it for actual breakups though, things could get messy.


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