Bread Slippers Make It Harder to Avoid Carbs


I need some sort of carb with every meal, which probably explains why I’m overweight. If I’m eating meat, you best believe it’s going to be wrapped between two hunks of bread. But here’s my dilemma. Some people don’t understand my need for carb goodness. Some of my friends are so gung-ho about carbs that they don’t even own any bread products. That’s just not working for me.

That’s why whenever I go to my carb-hating friend’s place I know need to slip on my Bread Slippers. No offerings of sweet, beautiful carbs? Just rip a hunk off of your footwear. Mmm, mmm, filling.





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  1. obviously, you don’t live with a dog–yuch or kitties, caugh, caugh!

    but I really like this– reminds me of Man Ray’s photo of iron with nails–good job

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