‘Brain-Controlled Siri’ Could Turn Out to be a Hoax

A few days ago, we shared a story with you about several hackers who claimed to have modified Siri (the personal assistant on the iPhone 4S) to be controlled with brainwaves. However, according to some experts, they might have just been pulling an elaborate hoax.

People familiar with the technology behind brainwave interpretation have called several aspects of the Siri project, called “Project Black Mirror” into question.

Here are just a few of the criticisms currently facing the project:

For starters, Project Black Mirror claims to be using ECG pads to measure the brain’s electrical activity ? but ECG pads measure heart activity; EEG pads measure brain activity. Also, the scale for measuring those inputs is apparently off by an order of magnitude. Project Black Mirror says they measure brain activity on a 0 to 5v scale, while brain activity is typically measured in microvolts.”

The team behind Project Black Mirror has yet to respond to these criticisms.


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