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WiiThink Concept Means You’ll Actually Need To Use Your Brain

We know usually you set your brain’s power button to off when playing your Wii, and that’s fine that Wii playing is meant to be your downtime, but if you even plan on using the WiiThink concept peripheral, there’s just no way in hell you’ll be able to maintain that mindless mentality. Using EEG technology to read your brainwaves, the ...

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Sleep machine gives you eight hours in only three

Insomnia and lack of sleep is probably the number one cause of many accidents associated to automobile fatalities (finish him!) and on-the-job tasks. People just don’t have the time that they used to. Thanks to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we all might be sleeping more soundly, in a less amount of time. A machine currently in testing uses what’s called ...

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Full body cyborg suit coming next year, humans given two more years to live

The Daiwa House Industry Co. has created a full bodied cyborg that looks like something you might see at your local movie theater. The exoskeleton was designed to assist those who have difficulties moving around on their own. Those people will know be able to survive nuclear explosions. We joke. When the user wants to move a limb, the suit ...

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