What is the Best Way to Facilitate your Business Cooperation?

Productive cooperation inside the company is key factor in achieving great results in managing own business, therefore, effective tools required.

Web based CRM features

CRM software is invaluable tool in managing own business and making sure everything is going according to your schedule. Bitrix24 offers free service for up to 12 users and enabling them switching from server to cloud at any time. Among basic features offered we can mention following:

  • 5 GB of available cloud storage for 12 users;
  • Unlimited number of stored contacts, files, companies, quotes;
  • Ability to make phone calls to and from CRM;
  • Unlimited emails;
  • Mobile version of CRM and much more.

Free web based crm has integrated email marketing that is available completely for free. Users are now able creating own custom email templates and email marketing campaigns. All received emails are linked to corresponding clients and manager always knows who wrote what and when. Thanks to free email server inside Bitrix24 it is possible creating personal email addresses for every employee and even use own domain.

Web based telephony allows managers to receive and make phone calls from and to your CRM and there is no need in additional hardware or servers – all you require is microphone and PC. Toll free numbers are available as well but managers can use own phone number or even rent a local one.

Managing calendar activity

Without any questions we all use calendars in everyday work to coordinate schedules, appointments and other plans. Bitrix24 offers personal and workgroups calendars that can be shared by means of mobile phones and with Outlook. Managers never will miss appointment or any meeting as Bitrix24 calendar has convenient reminder.

Unlimited number of group calendars available for your business. Any employee can create a calendar for own team or an entire company. All important events as meeting with potential clients or negotiations scheduled in Bitrix24’s CRM are being imported to calendars in Bitrix24 making managers aware about all upcoming events. If managers have Bitrix24 app installed it is possible access all events via smartphone or tablet. Any employee can subscribe to multiple calendars and follow schedules of any workgroup and colleagues.

Another useful feature Bitrix24 calendar has is absence chart that shows information about all employees: who is taking a vacation and who is in a business trip.

Telephony options

Bitrix24 service allows users to make calls to landline as well as to mobile phones within one country or internationally. All calls are made from Bitrix24 despite your location as long as you have strong Internet connection and you don’t need any IP-telephony equipment. For users convenience it is possible renting local number or toll free one. All incoming calls are forwarded to a responsible manager and also can be recorded and stored at CRM. Time and data of the call are also monitored.

Cooperating with your colleagues is easy as well, as you can get in touch with any employee whether he is online or offline – all web calls are re-routed to mobile phones.

With the right service it is so easy managing your business matters and improve productivity as Bitrix24 controls efficiency and makes sure everything is under control.

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