Best Steam Games You Can Get for Free in 2024

While games on sites like Verde Casino online are free, you sometimes want to play something where you have much more control.

However, most of these games are not free. The good news is that Steam makes it a point to launch games you can download and install for free—and that is what we will talk about today!

War Thunder

War Thunder is a game about tanks. Even so, it has a unique blend of battles in the sea, air, and land. It is one of the most comprehensive battle games you can play on several platforms.

It is essentially a military game. It is free to play, and the main genre is MMO. The game is dedicated to the control of different vehicles in the following:

  • Tanks
  • Aviation
  • Naval crafts

What makes War Thunder an encompassing game is that you have access to 20th-century battle crafts and modern ones.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike never gets old. Anybody who played CS in the past will love this new iteration. Although the concept is the same—you choose either Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist characters and shoot—there are plenty of new additions in this variant.

Here are the pros of CS: GO.

  • It has a solid core or infrastructure.
  • It can accommodate a massive number of players.
  • The interface is better than its predecessors.

One thing worth noting is that the guns and sounds also improved. In addition, people can now buy unique items. There are guns that you can modify. In essence, the purchases you make in this version are all cosmetic-they do not make you a better player, nor do they give you an advantage in the game.

Although CS: GO launched a decade ago, it still remains a prominent game in the industry. What makes it a favorite is that the creator, Valve, launched the game as an eSport. Today, there are millions of fans who support their favorite CS: GO, teams and players.

World War 3

This game is free t play, and you would love it if you are a fan of tactical multiplayer first-person shooting games. Here, the world is in chaos, and you will take the mantle of a soldier.

The whole world is basically your battleground. You must choose the right weapons and vehicles to complete your missions. You also have gadgets and drones at your disposal.

WW3 is an excellent stand-alone game. You do not need to buy anything to be able to access it. One thing that makes it unique is that you can decide how to approach missions. It is up to you if you want to play it slow or if you want to kill all enemies and cause carnage on the battleground.

The game is brutal at times, but then one cannot help but be amazed at the quality of the game, especially considering that it did not come from an AAA studio.

Overall, experts agree that this is a game you must play if you like war games. You no longer have to spend money on games like Call of Duty.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is free, but it is not available in all regions. It is a role-playing action game where you will take part in a dark world of fantasy.

Your role is that of the exile. Like Diablo, you will choose from seven character classes. These choices are:

  • Marauder
  • Duelist
  • Ranger
  • Shadow
  • Witch
  • Templar
  • Scion

Each character type has special skills that the others do not have. Your goal is to fight your way back to your home, Oriath. To do this, you must defeat ancient gods who usurped power.

Path of Exile has been around since 2013. Although it has been a while, the game still has a lot of fans, and fans of the RPG genre must never miss it. If you loved Diablo, you would love Path of Exile. Truth be told, a game like this will never be outdated except for its graphics.

Some say that the game borrows heavily from the Diablo game franchise. Be that as it may, Path of Exile gives players a fresh environment, storyline, characterization, and so much more.

There are also alternative game modes here called leagues. You can play the standard game, the hard-core mode, or the Solo Self-Found or SSF. By far, the most common is standard because you will respawn immediately if you die in battle.


Take advantage of free games, as you do not have to shell out a dime for them. However, there are games where you will advance if you pay for in-game purchases.

The best games that we have on this list are a must-try. There are hundreds of free games on Steam, but the ones that we have here are the best.

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